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Call Us for All of Your Finishing Needs

Call Us for All of Your Finishing Needs

Turnkey Systems

Designed, manufactured, and installed from one source.

Power Washers

Multiple stages, overhead, or flat line system conveyor and VFD pressure control.

Industrial Ovens

Convection and Infrared Ovens. Standard batch ovens ship in 6 weeks. Gas and electric models available

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Our work speaks for itself. We focus on making you happy because your satisfaction is key. At Alabama Washer and Oven Company INC., we are committed to your interests and our honest communication will never lead you astray. We’re not afraid of your questions or concerns, so if you have an issue, please let us know immediately. It is important to us that you remain confident in your decision to work with us.





Electrical Service

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Features and Benefits

Equal manifold length for even spray distribution

Condensate drop-out box on exhaust hood

Conveyor shroud on standard washer systems

Dock lights and ladders at all access doors for safe entry

Personnel safety latches on access doors

Tank flush out lines and sloped floor for simplified cleanup

Outside process connections for effortless pump maintenance

All stainless steel tank lids, handles, and hinges

Extended tank lid handle with catch reduces operator exposure to vapors.

Full-length internal walkway for spray system component and tank support.

Automatic riser drain upon system shutdown

Quiet, high-efficiency exhaust fan(s)

CPVC risers and adjustable clip-on spray nozzle bodies

Tank heated by efficient and dependable gas-fired burner tube


Top down riser feed for even spray pressure and low maintenance

Sliding access doors

Sliding access doors

Electric, steam, tube and shell, or plate and frame tank heating

Programmable logic controller systems to meet your requirements.

Variable frequency drives for all pumps and fans.

All stainless steel construction.

CPVC discharge piping

System diagnostics package

System diagnostics package

Carbon steel or stainless steel risers



Features and Benefits

Designed specifically for your application and facility requirements

Temperatures TP 750'F

Special air seal designs based on coating and oven configuration

Structural steel frame designed to support conveyor and product load.

Aluminized panel skins and four-sided ductwork.

High-temperature supply and exhaust fans with isolated bearings for long life and low maintenance.

Fuel-efficient IRI or FM-approved gas heating.

Digital electronic controls for simplified setup

Forward curved-blade, balanced fans for quiet operation.

Over-stuffed fiberglass insulated panels to reduce setting and prevent wasteful heat transfer

U.L. listed control panels

Shipped fully assembled and tested where possible.

Spot welded, tongue and groove panel construction.

Ductwork is designed for maximum air and heat uniformity.


Insulated panel flooring

Stainless steel construction

Steam, electric, or infrared heat

Installation by factory-trained technicians

Outdoor installation configuration

Enclosed track, I-beam or power, and free conveyor


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